Bill 25 and GDPR.
Is your data at risk?

Caté lets you document the management of personal data and incidents in your organization, as required by Bill 25.

Our expertise

Protect your data makes it easy for your organization to make your asset categorization actionable by linking it to your production systems.

Identify your assets

Identify data, data types, data owners, data classification, data lifecycles and related processes.

Validate their protection

Identify those responsible and the safeguards you have put in place to protect them.

Prove your compliance

Produce inventories, categorization sheets and keep an incident log as required by CAI.

Bill 25 governs the management and storage of personal information, so let’s stop talking about technology. It’s no longer the “TROJ_SAEFKO” Trojan on “DESKTOP4812”, but rather a potential security breach in the online booking process that impacts the following data. RSAIs, CISOs and CSOs need to understand the whole organization. Conventional security products offer an excellent field view, but lack the visibility required to understand how everything is interconnected in a company.

With the proliferation of third-party platforms and cloud processing providers, optimize your migration to the cloud by ensuring that it complies with your compliance framework by quickly identifying your organization’s key processes, their dependency on the cloud and the safeguards in place to protect them effectively.

Highlight and quickly identify risky, poorly documented or alternative areas in your organization to ensure you have optimum coverage and prevent security incidents.

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Bill 25 compliance for SMEs


Per month

Personal data inventories

(250 assets)

Incident register

1 organization

1 user

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Exhaustive categorization



All Tropo

Data life cycle

Traceability level

Federated authentication

Risk management




Categorization and integration



All Strato



Third-party integration

Full API



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From September 22, 2023, all companies are required to set up a data inventory and incident register. Sign up for a free one-month evaluation.