Document your assets and personal information

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Document your assets and personal information

Catego.info allows you to classify all your assets, both paper and electronic, their use, the nature of the personal information, and their DICT (Availability, Integrity, Confidentiality and Traceability) classification. Quickly identify their physical or cloud location and distribution within your organization.

Then document your processes and which assets are required for the associated services, and their security requirements.

Map out your information systems

Inventory and map your various information systems, technological components, physical locations, suppliers and software to identify all the critical elements of your organization where personal and sensitive information is handled or stored. This visualization will help you identify weak points and areas at risk in terms of data security.

Integration with security mechanisms enables you to assess your level of protection, contextualize security alerts and meet your compliance framework.

Map out your information systems

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Multi-tenant and multi-model

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Multi-tenant and multi-model

Catego.info is designed for multi-tenant and complex organizations that may have administrative units in several different jurisdictions, countries and compliance frameworks.

A simple view for personal protection managers to quickly see the components associated with different companies, or for service providers (MSPs and MSSPs) to see all their customers.

What’s more, thanks to the Library, you benefit from private and public template management to build your categorization from the software associated with your industry. Whether you’re a banner, franchisee, professional association or service provider, it’s easy to duplicate your business models or associate your models with all your customers.

Records and incident management

Thanks to our registers, particularly the incident register, you can comply with legislation such as Bill 25. Our wizard makes it easy to identify the personal information associated with a security incident, and allows you to document it so that you can forward the minutes of interventions to the appropriate party (CAI, insurer, etc.).

What’s more, you can easily share a temporary, read-only view of your categorization with a cyber partner to facilitate their intervention, analysis and implementation of post-intrusion measures.

Records and incident management

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