professional orders and associations

The management of personal information by your members is a sensitive aspect of Bill 25. As a professional order or association, it is essential to provide your members with the tools they need to ensure sound management of their customers’ personal data. approach
gives you greater flexibility
and flexibility of choice.

  • Either by decentralizing this management and delegating a registration key to your members, enabling them to use Catego.Info at no additional cost to manage their personal information.
  • Either by centralizing and operating each of your members as a sub-organization of your professional order, and ensuring that your members manage their personal data properly, use proven means of protection and access their incident logs.

How to register my professional order
or my professional association

Fill in the form and a member of our team will contact your organization.


A contract covering the functionalities and number of members to be protected can be negotiated with your order or association, and may include our on-boarding packages offering data categorization services, training and consulting.

Additional resources

Competitively priced professional services can be negotiated as part of the implementation with your organization. These services can include a categorization support bank for your member organizations, customized training, etc.


SIf your professional order or association includes additional information, reports, forms or other elements specific to your management, we will be pleased to discuss with you to enhance our approach and ensure optimal coverage of your personal information management.