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Offer and integrate catego.Info into your ti service offering

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By partnering with Caté you enable your customers to enhance their security in the context of Law 25 or the RGPD. You’ll ensure that, as an IT supplier, you’re familiar with the personal data management carried out by your customers and demonstrate the relevance of the security mechanisms you recommend.

The categorization exercise can thus be carried out by your team or delegated to our team who, on a white label basis, will be able to carry out this classification via our professional service offering.

Your benefits


Interesting margins depending on volume (10% to 25%)


License for internal use (not for resale)


Access to our training courses and professionals at a competitive rate


"Co-management" access to categorize your customers


Integration with your collaborative tools and ticketing system

How to become a partner

Fill in the form, and after we have reviewed your application and approved you for the program, you will be able to access the multi-tenant/MSP dashboard.

Billing will automatically bill your credit card based on the number of organizations served, their associated packages and your partner level.

A minimum charge of $75 per month will be billed to partners who do not have the necessary billing volume.


It is possible to add you as a Managing Director to an existing account. You can contact our team with your customer’s contact details, and we’ll add you as Managing Director once your customer has approved. Please note that the billing terms already established with the end customer will continue to apply at no additional cost, but this customer will not count towards your partner volume.

It is possible for our team to convert an MSP child account to a stand-alone account. The associated service plan will be modified by a 30-day trial license to allow the customer to enter their own credit information. Your access may or may not be retained at the customer’s discretion. You must contact our team to begin the separation process. offers a number of customization options for MSP partners. This white-label mode allows you to customize reports, certain interfaces, add links to your own services and use your own access URL ( This customization is offered at a fixed cost of $5,000.

Your company develops security solutions or management software packages that you would like to integrate with our platform. Contact us to discuss available partnership opportunities. Our development team will check with you about possible integrations with our platform, and a trial environment can be set up for you. What’s more, our team will be happy to refer customers with special needs to platforms compatible with our system.